Writing GOR Fiction in 600 Months (2020 in Review)

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The Lam published this post to recap her process of doing GOR series, when GOR was just a random bunch of words in my PC.

Hey something I loved to read, it’s Jeff Goins’ words:

“The world is desperate for, even envious of, people living purposeful lives that are free from fear. We are all inspired by those brave enough to shirk the trappings of fame and do work that matters.”

September 2020

I struggled days to start. I wanted to write around 500 words per day but found myself stuck in writer blocks.

October 2020

Things became a little bit easier. I didn’t maintain the 500-word-per-day routine very well but at least I could do it in 10 days of the month. A huge step forward!

November 2020

I began to familiar with this routine: write or edit 500 words per day. Sometimes I wrote a little bit more, or edited a little bit more.

I didn’t want myself to write toooo muchh. I didn’t need 10.000 words per day. I just needed 500 AND daily.

December 2020


I suddenly found this picture on my computer. Do you notice the flower at the bottom right corner? It perfectly describes GOR’s logo.

The Lam Art

I can’t believe I created this pic in 28/12/2015.

5 years ago!

Well, I might not aware at 29/12/2015, but all the dots were connected from a very, very long time ago.

Now I’m pretty sure that God wants me to write novel ;).


GOR Series include 9 big series.

But yesterday, a friend lent me this book: “Talking to the God” and “Talking to the Devil” by Mitsuro Sato.

It blew me away!

I decided that I will write 2 more fiction in GOR Series.

I call it “The 11th” and “The 12th”.

More fiction, more words, more challenges. But it’s okay.


It’s been 5 years since the day I wrote fiction.

Such a long journey!


It’d been 8 days that I kept on the streak: writing 50 words per series every day.

It was a great feeling!

All of the sub-stories of the GOR world were on track.

Can’t wait to the day I accomplised it all. It maybe… 30 years later? 23/12/2050? Very likely.


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