Time Management in 100 Days

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Thanks to the email “100 Days” from Nathan Barry, The Lam Art decided that The Lam will make a challenge: “Time Management in 100 Days”.

Every morning, the teacher meets in the team meeting to see which parts of the work you have completed, what are not completed, and the reason? Then she will assist you in “finding the real cause” and providing solutions so that next time you do not continue to make mistakes.
Here is the one-time discussion to find the reason for content delay:
– I was late to write content, the reason was because I did not arrange the work well.
– How do you arrange?
– I got a job to report to the accountant, then abc, then xyz … so I got overloaded.
– But why don’t you write content first? Then handle the abc xyz?
– Because of the other things I think are simple and fast. I will finish it in the morning and then in the afternoon I write content. But I did not foresee the time to complete the arising tasks for too long.
– So in the end what is the real reason?
– I do not have the ability to value time well. And the solution is that I need to be better.
– But which is more important?
– Writing content is more important.
– So why do it later?
– Because I thought it would be time to work in the afternoon.
– Let’s assume we still make it in the afternoon. Is the quality of the work good?
– …
– Do you usually handle your jobs best at times when you are healthy, lucid, clear or when you are tired, depressed and sleepy?
– When I was awake and wise.
– So after you finish processing all the abc xyz jobs, have you wasted any brain and energy?
– Yes!
– So why don’t you write content in the morning?
– I got it. The reason here is I didn’t do content in the morning. The solution is I will write morning content and other things push through the afternoon.
– Not the story of the content. Nor the morning story. The point is I need to handle the most important thing first. At the time I was the most lucid, lucid and healthy. For best output quality. If the most important thing has not been completed, do not touch the interruptions.
– I understand. Next time I will write the content first and ask the accountant to change the job abc xyz the next day. Or until I finish the content.
– To be able to focus on the most important thing, you must have the skills to put aside the unimportant parts. And you can’t just casually move it out to a carefree tomorrow.
– …
– You should negotiate with the accountant.
– How?
– If you want to prolong the accountant’s time, then pay the accountant another benefit.
– Well, I would like to move to tomorrow and promise to bring back a good report, clean, beautiful and more accurate format so that the accountant doesn’t have to fix it many times.
– That’s fine. Then at least like that! Or reduce your benefits.
– What benefits do you have?
– Do you have a salary? Why don’t you say the accountant deducts one day’s salary? Are you sorry for the money?
– No, I don’t. I can’t think of it. So I will do content first. And please leave the job abc xyz the next day, in return I will promise to bring back the correct report, clean, beautiful format, more accurate so that the accountant does not have to fix many times; and I volunteered to be fined a day’s salary. So the accountant will happily agree.
– Probably not very happy either. And the accountant probably wouldn’t miss my fine. But you will do well with the main task and the arising is for sure.
– I remember. Great. How wonderful!
– There is nothing wonderful. Those are the basics of time management skills in the book. My family has done the same for all three generations :))))))))
P / s: illustration for yes. The person in the picture is not the character in the team. It’s also not related to time management skills ?

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