Think 5, Work 10, Check 5 in 100 Days

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Thanks to the email “100 Days” from Nathan Barry, The Lam Art decided that The Lam will make a challenge: “Think 5, Work 10, Check 5 in 100 Days”.

Why “Think 5, Work 10, Check 5”?

I’m not a fan of working hard, because I’ve worked so hard since I was 6.

It was 20 years of working non-stop, from studying to gardening then working for company and my own project.

Now, at the age of 26, I felt that I was SO ENOUGH with working 8 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours a day.

I felt that work hard would not solve the problem. Work smart is the way.

So I practice a new method of work I create myself:  “Think 5, Work 10, Check 5”.

  • Spending 5 minutes to think the way of doing it.
  • Doing in 10 minutes.
  • Then checking in 5 minutes.

A task required 20 mins to work doesn’t need 3 days.

We can work in 20 minutes or 40 minutes then rest for 2 days.

No long hours, no exhausted, no burnout.


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