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The Lam Art would like to thank friends who have sponsored The Lam Art from the very beginning, when this website was not yet anything.

The Lam only like to make friends when they have nothing; and maintain friendship when you have something. When my project become successful, I won’t love to make new friends, just because it is not possible to distinguish them from them because of myself, or just because of the glamorous success they see.

Therefore, the faith & goodwill you will be remembered forever.

Thank for supporting

VietPencil for hosting.

What I need

  • Insurance of adventure travel.
  • Trekking tools.
  • Long travel tools (tent, sleeping bag, shirt, gloves, some specialized items).
  • Air ticket
  • Train tickets
  • Bus ticket
  • Dorm, hostel, hotel.

To make this “The 10 Summits” ebook project a reality, 50,000+ readers will need to support it. Do you want to enjoy the exciting & fascinating  adventure journey? Support The Lam by registering here.

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