Reprogramming My Belief, in 10.000 Days

by | Dec 14, 2020 | 100+ Days | 0 comments

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Thanks to the email “100 Days” from Nathan Barry, The Lam Art decided that The Lam will make a challenge: “Reprogramming My Belief, in 10.000 Days”.

As you’ve known before, 10.000 days is 30 years. In the next 30 years, I will reprogram my belief every moment I could.

Day 01 | 14/12/2020

The greatest fear of artists?

I don’t know about you, but to me, the greatest fear right now is that my arts get no views.

I reprogram my belief by saying:

“I have 9 millions people reading GOR series.”

I will continue saying it in the next 9999 days.

Day 02 | 17/12/2020

Real artists don’t stare.

I loved that tittle from Jeff Goins. Another great fear of artists is starving to death… since the arts get no sale.

I understood this pain. Deeply.

I reprogrammed my fear by saying:

“I have money for a comfortably life.”

Day 03 | 21/12/2020

Deliver result.

One problem in the marketing world is talking too much without delivering real results.

I was one of those guys.

Now I just wanted to change who I was from the core of mine. I wanted to deliver real results.

So I do affirmation:

“I deliver clear results for my clients.”

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