Practicing Unconditional Love

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On 24/3/2017, I wrote a status on Facebook:

The Lam Art

“For a while, I didn’t reply Guru’s texts. But he kept texting me every (his) morning. Some quotes, some pictures.

Until one day, I wanted to make a decision. Quite important. I asked him, he replied me immediately: “What’s question, Lam?” Five minutes later, I got the answer.

Once again, he reminded me about love. He didn’t expect to receive any answers, he just gave it away. Send, wish, let it away. Even I didn’t reply for days, he just sent it away. When I needed him, he was here. He helped then forgot. We, some insecure man and woman, can take his advice and pay it forward; or go so far away and never keep in touch. He accepts it all. He knows reacting to his supports is our job, not his. His is helping, and he’s done.

And I think about the way I love everyone. Can I just give away my love, and responding to my emotion is their jobs, not mine? My job is loving, and I’ve done. Can I?

Sounds so hard to answer.”

Update, 7/12/2020

Suddenly I saw my old post.

I realize that I am now able to give something away without expecting receiving any reaction.

Giving is my choice. Reacting is their choice.

It costs me 3 years to practice unconditional love.

Ton of inner blocks and internal struggle.

Thank God. I made progress.

P.s: The feature image was taken in Sapa, Vietnam in 2017. It captured the breathtaking Hoang Lien Son moutain range.

The Lam Art

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