Selling 1 Thing a Day, in 100 Days

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Thanks to the email “100 Days” from Nathan Barry, The Lam Art decided that The Lam will make a challenge: “Practicing Selling in 100 Days”.

In 100 days, I will do every job I used to hate before. Let’s see what will change after 100 days.

My worst skill is sale. I wanted to improve it. So I created this tiny challeng: “Selling 1 thing a day, in 100 days.”

Day 01 | 16/12/2020

Today I sold myself.

It was my writing services.

I’ve been a writer and marketer for years as a way to earn money. Weeks ago, an old friend approached me and asked:

“Could you join our team to solve our problem, cold outreach?”

(Yeah, cold outreach is everyone’s problem.)

As I normally did for 5 years of being a marketer, I would tell them my rate, if they agreed we would discuss further.

Now after learning a precious courses on selling, I changed my way:

  • I didn’t tell my rate.
  • I began research for their inner problem. The worst pain they were facing right now.
  • I offered a solution in short.
  • Finally, I informed my rate.
  • If they agreed with the solution and my rate, we would work together.
  • If they wouldn’t, they could take this solution and find anyone who were capable of to get shit done.
  • I didn’t have any regrets or anger.
  • I just moved on to examine the next pain from the next potential customer.

It was how I worked right now:

They could do whatever they wanted, I offered value in an unconditional way and then I forgot.

I didn’t scare that I would lost clients. On the contrary, I knew that the more I did it, the better my life would be, both in finance and quality of life.

Day 02 | 17/12/2020

Today I sold myself, again.

For a long-last client.

I and him worked together in a short project: writing landing page for him.

I did exactly what I’d done yesterday:

  • No rush to sell.
  • Rush to examine his problem in depth.
  • Then offer solution without expecting any sales.
  • He could take my ideas and find anyone he wants.
  • What will come, will come. 

Then he asked:

“Would you want to work on another landing page? I would show you the landing page I needed to fix.”

He showed me 2 more landing pages.

Selling myself – mission completed.

Just small tasks. Just small works. What was important is I improved in sales, one small step a day.

Day 03 | 26/12/2020

Today I sold flowers.

We celebrated Tet for every year. Today I sold flowers for Tet. I hoped that I could sale 100 packs.

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