Meditation & Karma Yoga 30 Mins a Day, in 10.000 Days

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Thanks to the email “100 Days” from Nathan Barry, The Lam Art decided that The Lam will make a challenge: “Meditating in 100 Days ”.

Meditating is the gate to step into the spiritual life. I had problems with focusing on meditation for 5 years. I can’t stand 30 seconds in the first time I tried.

Day 01: It’s rain hard


It was raining hard on the first day I came back to meditating.

I knew meditation in 2015 but failed miserably during 5 years of practicing.

I came back the… countless time I even couldn’t remember.

I will do one small step a day, everyday.

Day 02: Meditation at midnight


It was 11:58 pm and I began my first meditation of the day.

You could troll me I was so lazy but it was okay anyway.

Done 10 minutes. I didn’t need much, just one small step a day, everyday.

Day 03 | 17/12/2020

It was 11:15 pm and I began my first meditation of the day.

10 mins felt like a blink of eye.

I was getting used to this meditating thing.

Day 04 | 18/12/2020

It was around 4 pm, I began my first meditation of the day.

Day 05 | 21/12/2020

Start meditating from 8:20 am. It felt great! Let myself be in the sun light.

Day 06 | 22/12/2020

It’s midnight, I haven’t start any meditation of the day. I would eat something then meditate for 10 mins.

I was struggle for most of the time, but finally, 10 mins was over. And I went to sleep.

Day 07 | 24/12/2020

I meditated for 30 mins, each last for 10 mins at work.

Day 08 | 25/12/2020

I meditated for 20 mins, each last for 10 mins at work

Day 09 | 26/12/2020

I meditated for 10 mins early in the morning. I sat outside of my home. Feeling the sun, the wind, the bird chopping. It was great!

Day 10 | 11/1/2020

Doing Karma Yogaaaa.

Focus on action. Today I had tons of 3 pieces needed writing.

Don’t thinkkkkk!!!

P.s: I began thinking:

“Karma Yoga is hard.”

Please don’t think, don’t thinkkk!!

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