Feb 2020: Failure

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It’s me, The Lam here. Long time no see.

It’s 1:12 am on 1st March and I’m writing this words to you.

On amazing midnight when the Himalayas stops snowing, Saigon suddenly stays cool… I see myself missing you.

So I’m asking to catch up:

  • How about your Feb so far?
  • What are you gonna do in March?

Here are 3 tips to kickstart your March (as I experienced)

  • Sleep soon. The best life hack is not how to read a book per week. It’s going to sleep.
  • Review your life goals and minor goals again. Which goals you haven’t completed in Feb? All goals need to be in a logical order… so just follow that logic to set up your weekly plan.
  • Take a moment to feel happiness. I know, tons of things make you desperate right now. But just 5 mins to feel happiness…, can you?

I’m not a fan of meditation since I couldn’t bear it for 5 seconds… But since I perceived meditation is a way to feel happiness, I just let myself felt. No thoughts, no demand on myself. What I loved, I did. Want to see the birds? See birds. Want to feel the winds? Feel the winds. It’s much better now. I can sit for 13 mins, not 5 seconds!

Here’s a quick update on my Feb 2020

  • In Feb, I failed miserably to kickstart my crowdfunding. I wasn’t able to hit submit and bring my project to live within Feb.

Many reasons for this: my fear, lack of money to hire the professionals, my inner conflict… I thought my fear hold me back the most. I mean, I get better now compare to me 6 months ago, but I still see deep fear knocking me down on every step I took…

I’d be ok, I know. When we recognize fear, the only choice is to go through it. I wish you were strong enough to face your fear :D.

  • The second problem I hit into is my Etsy shop was deactivated without any notification.

People around me open Etsy shop easily, but I didn’t. Some will tell it’s just technical issues. I didn’t think so.

I had a different point of view: It may alert that this time is my not-so-lucky time. People have lucky and unlucky times. During our bad one, the best way to do maybe… just stop doing it and taking a rest. So I tried to take a rest from Etsy (physically). Mentally, I didn’t accept any failure, so I’ve experienced a not-so-funny week.

  • The third was I didn’t earn money for a living.

I was too busy to write around 12k words for The Lam Art and my little Forex blog, then make videos, printables, Etsy shop, crowdfunding… None of it was succeeded at this moment. I knew for sure that starting a business was hard, just accepted it…

In March, I plan to…

  • Kickstart my crowdfunding. My first goal is 3k USD but I don’t know how to get there.
  • I’ve prepared all the stuff except video and cover image. I’m waiting for the artist I hire to complete it by the end of the week.
  • Learn how to create a profitable advertising strategy.
  • Among many niches in online marketing, I picked advertising. No business can exist without money/ customers. Advertising solves that crucial problem, so it offers the highest pay as well as the highest demand on the market.
  • Created 30 videos to upload on Youtube and Tiktok.
  • I’ve not familiar with creating video before, I’ve struggled to learn it too. But in the end, everything can be done.
  • Move to my new house and make it home.
  • I’m so proud to share with you my outstanding achievement in 2020: get half a house! Finally, after years of wandering around, I have a tiny place to pour my soul into it.
  • Back to earn money fast. I’d be in big trouble if I continue doing The Lam Art without earning a dime. I was so fortunate to live in my dream in Feb. It’s time to back to reality.

That’s all!

In short, Feb is not a really good month compared to my standards. I worked slow… but learned a lot. So anyway, it’s worth the time. I felt that all new things I learned in Feb are gonna paying me back in Mar.

Done updated. It’s your turn.

Let’s share with me your Mar goals & plan!

I’m looking to read your words. Don’t worry, my lips are sealed 😉

November 2020. Updated.

I didn’t accomplish all of my goals listed above. A little bit sad :(. I still keep trying. Stay tuned and watch me!

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