Drawing in 10.000 Days

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Thanks to the email “100 Days” from Nathan Barry, The Lam Art decided that The Lam will make a challenge: “Drawing in 10.000 Days”.

In 10.000 days, I will draw everyday and capture the process.

How long 10.000 days would be?

Around… 30 years.

Well… 3 years are around 1.000 days, so 10.000 days would be… 30 years.

Such a long game.

But I devoted my life as an artist, both writing and drawing, so it’s worth it.

Watch me!

Day 01 | 10/12/2020.

“Nobody cares”.

I drafted a cover of a famous meme: Nobody care 😛 

When I’m done, I will upload the art. You can use it for both non-commercial and commercial use.

Day 02 | 11/12/2020

Lên mực for the famous meme: Nobody cares.

Tomorrow for coloring. Watch me.

Day 03 | 16/12/2020

Ate my balls

Since watering for the “Nobody cares” meme made me fall into procrastination for few days (because its difficulty), I moved to a easier task: drawing a new meme.

Today was the “Ate my balls” meme. Love it!

Day 04 | 17/12/2020

Ate my balls, lên mực

A short 5 mins for lên mực Ate my balls.

Day 05 | 18/12/2020

Ate my balls and nobody cares, trau chuốt.

It take me 10 mins to do 2 pics.

Day 06 | 19/12/2020

A new art: Success Kid.

Today I covered a famous art on the Internet: Success Kid.

Just a draft in 5 mins. I would fix it tomorrow!

Day 07 | 19/12/2020

Today I covered a famous art on the Internet: Success Kid in manga style.

Happy to hear your thoughts on this piece. Thanks.

Day 08 | 21/12/2020

Trau chuốt cho Success Kid.

Xóa vết chì, đồ nét lại.

Day 09 | 23/12/2020

A whole new pic: American Chopper argument

Today I drew a new pic: American Chopper argument. It was difficult to me since I was not strong at drawing troll face.

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