Discipline, Professional and No Emotional in 1.000 Days

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Thanks to the email “100 Days” from Nathan Barry, The Lam Art decided that The Lam will make a challenge: “Discipline, Professional and No Emotional in 1.000 Days”.

In this journey, I would share my journey of being the version I always want to be: discipline, professional, no emotional.

Why discipline?

God gives us a gift and a weakness.

After 5 years of struggling with depression and inner conflicts, finally, I drew a full picture of myself:

  • What I want to do, what is my mission (in short: inspiring my friends through arts), what ways to do it… It was so great to have a crystal clear picture of mine 50 years ahead. But…
  • I was faced with another thing: my capabilities.
  • I believed I am gifted enough to get all my dream done.
  • But as God gave me a gift, he would give me another weakness that could stop me in every way.

It is indiscipline, too emotional, unprofessional in work. 

  • Those weaknesses have followed me 10 years since the day I was a 16-year-old kid.
  • Gosh, 10 years is a little bit tooo long.
  • Besides, I hated my version of being indisciplined, too emotional, unprofessional.
  • I hated when I missed a deadline when I couldn’t focus on working in a calm and cold way, when I was late for a meeting or didn’t prepare before…
  • I felt that I was soooo enough with those habits. I was too tired of enduring it and its consequences.
  • I wanted to change. To the other side of the thing: another version of mine who is discipline, no emotional and professional.

Learn the lesson now, or struggle for the next 50 years.

Moreover, I understand that:

Big dreams ask for courage, patient resilience, and learning my karmic lessons. As long as I can’t learn the lesson of being discipline, no emotional and professional, I would not achieve my dream goals in the next 50 years. Instead, I would stay in the loop of try hard and fail hard forever. What do I choose? Learn the lesson right now or struggle in the sorrow of endless failure?

So I started now.

Hope that this journal could inspire you in some way ;).

Day 01 | 16/12/2020

Done my emotional side then switch.

As you knew, I wrote novel. I was usually drowned a whole deep sea of emotional thoughts, it helped a tons in writing but blocked me heavily when working as a professional.

  • To tell the truth, I never considered myself as a professional worker.
  • I didn’t know how to change myself.
  • Then I figured out 1 way.
  • I was on testing it.

It’s giving me time to express my emotional side every morning, then switch.

I called it “My Passion Routine”. This routine would be:

  • Write novels. I had been working on 12 series.
  • Drawing for 5 – 10 mins a day.
  • Creating 9 ideas a day.
  • Meditating for 10 mins.
  • Doing manifestation ritual.
  • Visualizing my goals in the next 50 years, for 5 mins.
  • Walking for 2km.
  • Working on The Lam Art, writing posts, updating pictures and free arts…
  • Working on other business of mine.
  • Sending outreach emails to practice my marketing skills.
  • Some little other things…

How long does it take?

  • It usually costed me 4 hours to do all those things.
  • Then I could switch into a no-emotional-version of mine to handle the hassle of being a marketer (and of working with other too!).
  • Then I usually had to wake up at 4 am in the morning (GMT +7).
  • Then I stared my no-emotional work at 9 am (GMT +7).

Let’s see how long I could keep the routine.

Day 2 | 17/12/2020

Meditate for 10 mins then work.

“My Passion Routine” was not fully completed in the morning since I rushed to go to a short coffee chat and meet client for the whole day.

Coming home at 5 pm, I was dead tired after hours of driving motorbike.

I took a short sleep, then back to worked at 8:30 pm. To be honest, thinking about working at night, I was bored to death. But what had to be done had to be… done.

  • Before jumping into fixing old contents and brief for visual content, I meditated for 10 minutes.
  • In the moment of meditating, I let myself flow with emotion.
  • Then, I started my no-emotion work until the job done.

Day 03 | 22/12/2020

Practice writing then write.

Hey ya you know that I don’t like writing. Today I had a job at 9 pm. To be honest, I didn’t like doing it. So I practiced writing Russian: Trust, but verify – a phrase I loved. Then I wrote. Feeling much better!

Day 04 | 23/12/2020

Practicing focusing.

I can’t focus. It was one of my biggest weakness. So I made a promise to myself: I focus until I get a task done.

For example:

“I focus until I’m done the task. One small task every time.”

Day 05 | 25/12/2020

Practicing doing until tasks done.

Today I had to focus until when the task was done. From 10:30 am to 6 pm.

It was exhausted but I felt achievement.

Day 06 | 18/01/2021

Rất vui, mình đã đi qua được đoạn này rồi nhan: ‘Writing, just my point of view, would obsess your mind, crush your heart, takeover your soul.’

Giờ tới đoạn điên điên khùng khùng : ‘Writing, just my point of view, after when you’ve faced with its hardship, now it turns to be an endless joyful journey. You play with words, with no goal, with no pressure, with no end.’
Thoughts in 18/1/2017

A friend once asked me: “Why you have to rush for it? You’re too young for anything.”

Let me tell you. I know writing is not for kids, and I’m just a naughty child. But it keeps calling me. The voice is in my head, calls me days and nights. It appears whenever I feel my time is limited: got an ill, go through ups and downs, take another responsibility, spend time on other matters. It says only one thing: Let’s write. Because I’ve got to do something, and it is that thing. What would you do if there is a voice always in your head?

Whenever someone ask me how to write something good, I usually question myself: “Could you pay its price?” Do you know what you are saying? Writing, just my point of view, would obsess your mind, crush your heart, takeover your soul. Just like loving someone, it brings you to heaven then throw you into hell. My lovely darling, could you handle it?
Some said writing is destined, he’s right. I came all the way here with a goal of 30.000 words. After days, I finished. It’s not a easy game. Struggle. Lots of postpone, laziness, delay. And exhausted as always. But finally I made it. Got nothing, spend lots of money. Just happy. I’ve gone a little bit further on the way.

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