Crowdfunding 500.000 USD For 10 Summits

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The 10 Summits Challenge is the journey of mine to summit 10 greatest peaks of the world:

  • The largest cave in the world: Son Doong Cave (Vietnam)
  • The highest mountain in Africa: Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
  • The highest mountain in Europe: Elbrus (Russia)
  • The highest mountain on Continental Australian: Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramid (Indonesia)
  • The highest mountain in Asia: Everest
  • The highest mountain in North America: Denali (20,320 feet).
  • The highest mountain in South America: Aconcagua (22,841 feet).
  • The highest mountain in Antarctica: Vinson Massif (16,050 feet).
  • The South Pole.
  • The North Pole.

Estimated expenses for 10 summits:

  • Training course: $3.000
  • Son Doong Cave: $5.000 x 2 = $10.000
  • Kilimanjaro: $5.500
  • Elbrus: $6.000
  • Others expenses (gears, flight tickets etc): $15,000

Total: $39.500. Around $40.000.

It’s great if you want to support The Lam Art by pre-ordering an ebook version of “The 10 Summits” or invite me a coffee.

The book would be published after 5 years since the day I achieved the first summit – Son Doong Cave.

Muchas gracias ;).

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