Celebrating Life 111: On Happiness

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Celebrating Life 111 
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Welcome to Celebrating Life 111

(Wow, our first letter)

Hi Friend,

The Lam here, again. Do you remember a couple of emails back when I said that I'd love to send you newsletter with 1 inspirational quotes, 1 art created by me, and 1 question for you? Here it is - Celebrating Life 111!

On our first letter, I'd love to talk about the thing humans are craving for in 1000+ years: happiness



Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”


I think this world is a playground & we all are naughty kids. We feel happiness on the journey, not on the destination

I hope that together we could be here now and happily enjoy every moment of our ride. 

So I created Celi, a fictional character. Celi loves wandering around the world to celebrate the beauty of life. 

Let’s say hi to Celi! Can you see happiness sparkling in her eyes?
Click here to download this art for both personal and commercial use.


Do I need happiness to live well in my life?
(To your surprise, many might say no. Both yes or no are okay I think. The point here is to clearly know what we want.)

If you have any thoughts, just reply to this email, I’m listening. 

See you next week,
The Lam
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P.s: If you completely forget who the hell I am, let me introduce myself again in 3 sec: I'm
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