About The Lam Art

Who is The Lam?

The Lam is my pen name. I took this name just because I loved its meaning (“Lam” means deep blue in Vietnamese).

I’m The Lam. An author at heart, storyteller since born, and goal-seeker for a decade. Plus, an email marketer working from my dear home.

I started writing at the age of 18 as a part-time journalist for a teen magazine. 

Until 25, I’ve experienced 7 years as a Vietnamese professional writer.

Curious about me? Here’s my story in short:

  • When 12, I began to ask my mother: “What is my life purpose?”. (I couldn’t live a life without purpose).
  • When 20, I was under depression.
  • When 23, I found a small blog.
  • When I was 24, I finally found my life goal after experiencing depression in 4 years (20 – 24).

One question. 12 years to answer. Now it’s time to do it.

What is The Lam Art?

The Lam Art is a place where I present my arts:

  • A series of novels named GOR
  • A novel based on my true experience named “The 10 Summits”
  • A series of comics based on 2 novels above
  • Then games and films based on 2 novels if possible
  • Other arts 
  • Random writings

Why I started The Lam Art?

I created The Lam Art since 2017 when I was 23, after experiencing whole journey from depression to living my dream life in 4 years. The sky has no limit, so do I. I wanted to be an artist, a business owner, a Everest lover. All in one. 

Good things don’t come easily. 2 years of struggling passed in a blink of eyes.

Until 2019, when 25, I decided to close my chapter as a Vietnamese writer to go all in for The Lam Art and it officially went live since then.

2020, I focused full-time on The Lam Art, focusing on writing novels and preparing for the biggest (and maybe the hardest) project of my life named “The 10 Summits”.

The goal of The Lam Art?

For readers: to share stories

The main reason why I founded The Lam Art is that I want to share the stories that I have seen, heard, experienced.

The goal of The Lam Art is to create content specifically for 9 millions readers within 50 years (2057).

The target audience is who love reading novels, comics, being free and taking new adventures all over the world. 

For me: writing things that shake souls. 

The 2nd reason is I want to write things that shake souls. I thought it’s my mission in life. 

I want to write stories for everyone. Stories with no morals, no teachings, just stories, because I’m so tired of morality, maybe you too.

The journey of The Lam Art will have lots of fun, and I’m happy if you decide to be a part of the audience.

I’ll create the greatest project ever. But at this time, The Lam Art is just a tiny website.

On this exciting journey, it’s so nice to see you drop by.

Let’s start a friendship and make it last long.