9 Ideas a Day, in 100 Days

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In this post, The Lam will share her 9 ideas per day.

These ideas are royalty-free.

You can use anywhere in the world for both commercial use and non-commercial use, for unlimited projects with no expiration dates.

Thanks James Altucher for the idea: “10 ideas a day” and Nathan Barry for “100 days”. I combined the two and “9 ideas a day, in 100 days” was born.

Day 01 | 3/12/2020

9 ideas for who is jobless

  • Write 1 email per day applying for jobs.
  • Respond to 3 marketing emails related to your field.
  • Count how many times you fail.
  • Give compliments to anyone you meet.
  • Open a crowdfunding campaign for paying bills this month.
  • Run, 1 km per day.
  • Make coffee at home.
  • Clean your house.
  • Say: “I’m sorry, please forgive me. Thank you, I love you”.

Day 02 | 7/12/2020

9 ideas for who is worried

  • Whisper to yourself: “I’m worried right now”.
  • Breath in. Breath out. 3 times.
  • Tell yourself: “I accept that I’m worried”.
  • Write down: “I’m worried.” (like me writing this)
  • Ask yourself: “What could be the worst outcome?”
  • Ask yourself, again: “Can I accept the worst outcome?”
  • Call a friend: “I’m telling you about my worries in 1 minutes. Just listen. Please don’t speak.”
  • Call your parents: “Pa, ma, I’m worried now but I just want to say I love you”.
  • Email me: “Hey The Lam. I’m worried and please hear me saying it out loud.”

P.s: I will hear your worries.

Day 03 | 10/12/2020

9 ideas for who are in procrastination

  • Read a blog post about “Taking action”.
  • Stop reading because you are procrastinating by reading =))
  • Go to sleep. An 8-hour full sleep.
  • Walk for 15 mins to warm you up.
  • Take a shower.
  • Keep procrastinating until a point you’re bored of procrastinating.
  • Challenge yourself: “Put me in the work. 30 seconds only.”
  • Another challenge: “1 minute long.”
  • Another: “3 minutes.” Then you’re on fire!

P.s: You’re welcomed ;).

Day 04 | 11/12/2020

9 ideas for those who hate the job you must do right now

(Damn, I felt you so hard)

  • Whisper: “I don’t like it. I do not like it.”
  • Know that saying “I do not like it” will help you… like it.
  • Don’t think. Don’t think. For just 5 seconds.
  • Keep your mind blank. For another 10 seconds.
  • At this moment, you have no emotion.
  • If hatred arises, don’t think about it. Just a blank mind.
  • Touch your mouse, keyboard, or anything related to the job.
  • Begin doing it. Just a small action.
  • Keep your mind blank & continue doing. You’re on the way!

Day 05 | 12/12/2020

9 ideas to transform your life in 100 days

  • Meditating in 100 days.
  • Manifesting in 100 days.
  • Drawing in 100 days.
  • Running in 100 days.
  • Writing 9 ideas a day, in 100 days.
  • Speaking 11 languages in 100 days.
  • Selling one thing a day, in 100 days.
  • Teaching a person, in 100 days.
  • Sending emails in 100 days.

I’m working on all those things. How about you?

Day 06 | 15/12/2020

9 ideas to find jobs

(I used those ways to find job myself)

  • Calm down. Don’t panic.
  • Know that panic will attract the bad things.
  • Clean by saying: “I take 100% responsibility”.
  • Continue clean: “I’m sorry, please forgive me. Thank you, I love you”.
  • Find jobs by teaching 1 person 1 day.
  • If you are a marketer, teach an IT guy about marketing.
  • If you are a waiter, teach a friend on how to serve a coffee elegantly.
  • Repeat teaching.
  • When you teach the 100th person, you definitely will have a job offer. It’s called the cause and effect rules.

Day 07 | 16/12/2020

9 ideas for who is struggling with money

  • Know that you are in struggle.
  • Ask: “Why am I in this situation?”
  • Ask: “Maybe I have money blocks?”
  • Ask: “Maybe I’m just lazy?”
  • Ask: “Maybe I just can’t control my spending?”
  • Ask: “Maybe I have responsibilities (parents, children) to take care of?”
  • Ask: “Maybe I work without goals so I can’t raise my salary?”
  • Ask: “Maybe I do not think I’m worth the amount of money I have?”
  • No matter what your answer is, just put your hand on your chest and say: “All is well”.

Day 08 | 17/12/2020

9 ideas for those who can’t sleep at night

  • Run, 5km before sleeping
  • You would be too tired to stay awake.
  • Then you might fall into sleep quickly.
  • If 5 km is too much, try 1 or 2 km.
  • If 5 km is too easy, try 10 km.
  • Listen to the sound of singing bowls (432 Hz, 285Hz, 174Hz) while sleeping.
  • This vibration might help your brain relax.
  • If you can’t sleep, just listen to it all night.

Listening in 3 hours, you might fall into the stage: no deep sleep, know that you are awake and think nothing. At least you can rest.

Hence I shared a link to video of singing bowls I personally use everyday: 174Hz + 285Hz 》BIG TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS 》Heal Damaged Tissues and Pain Relief Frequency. It lasts for 6 hour, enough for a night.

Day 09 | 18/12/2020

9 ideas for who learn multiple languages

  • Congrats first. You’re so good!
  • Begin by learning what you loved first.
  • It could be a song.
  • It could be a location.
  • It could be a film.
  • Then teach 1 language a day.
  • Don’t worry, just teach others what you know.
  • In teaching, you are learning.
  • Teach for 100 days, you will learn the basic of the language pretty well.

It’s great to hear a compliment from a bilingual teacher, Raúl HCouto (teach English and Spanish):

“As a bilingual teacher, I have to say that I love that list!”

Hope it can help you 😉

Day 10 | 19/12/2020

9 ideas on how to save time

  • Turn off the phone.
  • The longer you turn off the phone, the better you can focus.
  • Do the job.
  • Don’t think.
  • Focus on the movement of your hands.
  • Or the tone of your voice.
  • Or anything. Just don’t think. Focus solely on the action.
  • It’s called “Karma Yoga”.
  • The more you practice Karma yoga, the more you save time.

Day 11 | 19/12/2020

9 ideas on how to achieve your goal

  • Detect your goal, so clear.
  • Use methodology.
  • From the goal, you deduce the how.
  • To achieve your goal, what action you can’t escape doing?
  • To sell house, the action you can’t escape doing is taking clients to see the house.
  • To get promoted, the action you can’t escape doing maybe is to fix some weaknesses in the team.
  • Let’s detect that one-and-only action.
  • Focus 80% of your time and energy onto it.
  • Do it again and again until when you get the goal.

Day 12 | 19/12/2020

9 ideas on how to create an awesome day

  • Have a full 8-hour sleep.
  • Wake up early. 6 am works great.
  • Express gratitude for 5 things.
  • Do your passion routine. Having fun before doing anything else.
  • Meditate for 10 mins.
  • Have 10-min walking.
  • Coffee & breakfast.
  • Calmly read your daily goals and to-do-list.
  • Start working.

Day 13 | 23/12/2020

9 ideas on how to get higher salary

  • First of all, you must know the know-how of your field of working.
  • Without know-how, your rate will never be as high as expected.
  • Know-how is how to accomplish something.
  • Every industry has its own know-how.
  • Ironically, they usually don’t publicize their know-how.
  • Normally, you have to pay to learn.
  • Or figure it yourself.
  • Think about know-how as the Chief’s secret recipe.
  • Go find it.

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