Preparing for 1st Summit: Son Doong, The World’s Largest Cave

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In this post, The Lam will update her preparation for the 1st summit of “The 10 Summits”: The world’s largest cave, located in Vietnam – Son Doong Cave.


“To capture great pictures, you couldn’t go alone”

Today I talked to a friend who went to Son Doong in 8/2020.

He told me:

If you want to take picture, you can not go alone. You must have support from another photographer, porter, etc.

It shocked me hard. A trip to Son Doong cost around $3000.

If I hire another photographer, it will 2x the cost.

$6000 just for stepping into Son Doong.

I say thanks to him because telling me in advance.

Reality hit hard but it was better than knowing nothing.


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