11 Languages: My Journey Recap (2020)

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I wanted to be a polyglot, so I kept learning new language despite my laziness (a ton).

I plan to learn 11 languages in 2020 and 2021.

It is:

  • English (of course). To write novel and submit Denali. For my novel and for The 10 Summits.
  • Chinese. To backpack in the Kunlun range (my dream).
  • Arabic. To backback in the Middle East (my dream).
  • Hindi. To comback to India & climb moutains in India, Nepal, Pakistan.
  • Russian. To submit Elbrus. For The 10 Summits.
  • German. Simply because I love German (I still don’t know why).
  • Espanol/ Spanish. To backpack in the Latin America. To climb the Aconcagua. For The 10 Summits.
  • Portuguese. To enjoy Brazil and backpack in Africa.
  • France. To enjoy Africa ;).
  • Indonesia. To climb Puncak Jaya. The 10 Summits.
  • Swalihi. To enjoy Africa and climb the Kilimanjaro. For The 10 Summits.

I love handwriting so I will update my weekly handwriting in this post. As a way to help me keep motivation.

Stay tuned!

Dec 2, 2020

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